Wellcome to our exploration.

Your task is to find in the web a still image inspired by the theme: Home.

Please share with us the link/the image itself and exploain why have you chosen this image.

Please document your research in the web, you can: save the links to the webpages that you looked at, record yourself talking about what you saw, record your computer screen, write another story. map your journey or anyother documentation.

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1 Response to Bekke

  1. bekke89 says:

    The image i chose

    The reason i chose this image is because its the kind of image that you see all around the town im from as a reminder of its heritage. Because my father was born in 1939 he used to tell me lots and lots of stories when i was a child and the pictures i saw of the history of my town informed my imaginative construction of those stories because i knew they were from similar eras.
    Also i love how in this image in particular it appears like the road never ends and this reminds me of my childhood, the comfort of the two sides of the street framing your body and then the never ending distance of the future, hope and optimism.
    And then also how i can recognise similarities between the town as it was in the past and the town how it is now. I find that really interesting, the footprints of the past in the present.

    Other images i looked at
    Oldham Street Cricket at Mumps Old Photograph (plus the subsequent pages in the search)

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