Wellcome to our exploration.

Your task is to find in the web a sound inspired by the theme: Home.

Please share with us the link and why have you decided to share this sound. It can be a song, a soundscape, a tune… it is your choice.

Please document your research in the web, you can: save the links to the webpages that you looked at, record yourself talking about what you saw, record your computer screen, write another story. map your journey or anyother documentation.

Please choose the way you find the most stuiable to document your journey to the sound.

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1 Response to Martha

  1. mkng15 says:

    This sound meant nothing to me until tonight, but through an internet journey towards home it found me. It still means nothing to me conceptually in connection to home! I allowed the internet to lead me.

    The journey:

    I sat with my boyfriend and asked him how we should find home on the internet, being a geographer he said we should look at a map of course.

    So, we searched for home through google maps.On the top of the list came:

    13118 328th Ave NE
    Duvall, Washington 98019, U.S

    We put this address into the web and found this page:

    News near 12808 328th Avenue NE
    Microsoft PR exec, IT co. exec selling 4BD in Duvall
    by Christine Scott published Feb. 23, 2010

    next to this text was a small image of a house: we clicked on ‘read more…’

    and then followed a house symbol:

    we scrolled down and found the name John A Madigan.

    My boyfriend is called John. We searched for John A Madigan on youtube and found this song:

    A journey towards a sound, towards words, images and symbols of houses and towards a name that to me means home.

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