Wellcome to our exploration.

Your task is to find in the web a short video inspired by the theme: Home.

Please share with us the link and why have you decided to share this video.

Please document your research in the web, you can: save the links to the webpages that you looked at, record yourself talking about what you saw, record your computer screen, write another story. map your journey or anyother documentation.

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2 Responses to Nichole

  1. vs4rslab says:

    Thanks for the speed.

    My intention was to literly record the screen.
    It is not for bibliographical evidence.
    This is a journey exploration. I want to see a journey. and that is why you record.
    You can choose to show me this journey as a story if it flows for you.
    But for simplicity it is litterly a documentatio of your search.

  2. slaythemusic says:

    The above link is to a scene from a film called ‘Once’. Watch it with the sound off, as I did. This is what first sprung to my mind when asked to find a video inspired by the theme ‘home’. Even though this is a film in itself, this particular scene was what was lodged in my head right from the beginning of carrying out the task.

    I’m not entirely sure what I’m meant to find specifically, or if I’m meant to find anything, except that the theme is home. I’m not tech-savvy in anyway, so I’ll document this via the magic that is Microsoft word and a dictaphone.
    My first initial response to finding something that said ‘home’ to me was home videos. I don’t have any of my own. The first thing that sprung to mind was a scene from a film called ‘Once’; in this particular scene the main character is basically writing a song (played in the link, called ‘lies’) and he is also reminiscing times with his ex-girlfriend. This scene is a series of home-videos, or family/holiday/private videos of this character and his ex. I watched the clip with the sound off. There was something quite beautiful about watching it with the sound off. For one, it takes out the song which is there to, evoke an emotional response I guess. But even without the song it made me feel quite upset. I think it’d be interesting for someone who hasn’t seen the film, to watch the clip with the sound off, just to see what their response is.
    The fact that I don’t have any family videos myself is disappointing because there were happy times that are probably forgotten, or lodged away in a dark corner of my brain somewhere.

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