Reviewing the Rehearsals and the Performance.

We Gathered together at the 12th of May.

Using a map, each performer had to find her own way to the space.

After finding the place, they had time to explore the space and interact with it.

We concluded the first day with a short introduction, sharing and an explenation about the following day.

The 13th – the devising and the performance.

The structure repeated few stages:

1. improvisation

2. discussion

3. refining a structure for the performance

The improvisation lead us to build a game with which the participants – online and offline – will play with us the performers.  The decision was to create a journey in the space that will be repeated. We were looking for ways to give the audience responsibility. We found that this piece will benefit if we will give the audience more responsibility.

The journey started with queuing to a box. The box delivered notes. The participants role was to deliver the notes to a performer that sits in the next position of the journey. After she answer the question, the note was posted on a wall behind her and then, the participant went back to the queue.

The questions to the performer were supposed to be delivered from the audience members – online and offline.

We encountered few problems: (1) there was an internet connection loss which prevented showing the online point of view to the offline players via a second computer. It also prevented delivering questions from the offline audience using the online broadcast. The temporary solution was that the offline participants would write their questions on slips of paper that were SMSed to the person in the box (the bridge) – who was in charge of bridging the online users and the live performance.

(2) During the performance the bridge couldn’t see the messages from online users and therefore they were not delivered to the offline participants.

(3) The online participants didn’t hear the performers answers.

Whereas the offline participants experience was positive and they were intrigued by the action, the online users couldn’t understand enough the performance. In addition few of the offline participants didn’t recognize that there was any usage of technology in the performance.

Having all this knowledge and experience I ask –

Is it important that the participants will feel the technology in a performance? and if so – when?

How can we deliver better the setting to the online participants? or perhaps How can we benefit from the existence of these two different point of views in order to achieve a unique participants experience?

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