LAB 2 – 10th June

we were there, the audience were there and online audience were there.

everyone joined in.

In both of the performances audience member took the risk and was on stage – broadcasted.

Overall from people (online and offline): Well done, great experience and interaction.

Yes it is a nice game. And I was so happy to see people enjoy and that it does succeed.

For me – this is a LAB, another experiment for a bigger production. As one told me, this is a gig… and probably joyful one.

As an artist, I criticize what I do. I have to in a sense. I want to keep on developing. There a lot of questions left and doubts for furhter development. For example – during the performance few people left – because the idea hasn’t developed during the performance, it was all the same, as fun as it was. I ask – How can I develop and create an arch (dramatical one…)  in this kind of enviornment and performance? I believe that this kind of arch or tension maybe will keep the spectators watching – because there is a development.

Looking forward for today.

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