LAB 2 – some of the conclusions

LAB 2 has finished more than a week ago. Some of it was a success, mainly at the site itself and the people who were at Stamford Works in Dalston. Some of it have brought out the communication problem among the two audiences and the performance (and setting the technology right that I still need to have the right equipment and setting for that). Changing the setting of the sound, hasn’t helped the sound but made it a bit worse. It didn’t allow the online audience to understand what is going in the performance.

I can’t really call it a success and a great achievement. But it has emphasized and strengthen few aspects.

This project could have been nicer if the sound was more friendly to the online users. However, it still miss ways of communication among the audience members. Open the technology more to the audience in site and allow interaction with the online.

The question that still stands: how to make the discussion part of the performance and “don’t let” this discussion become separated or something that can distract from the performance.  It seems that it is all about focus, control, communal understanding and direction.

I will elaborate more about the performance and my thoughts.

I am already preparing to the next experiment that hopefully will be in the next month or two.

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