LAB4 is a 30 min digital perforamnce experiement that tries to connect between two places using games and performance.

The performance is on the 21st of August as part of The Arts Hub in Falmouth:


This is a journey of communication between two places. It is a game that challenges the audience to bend the boundaries of space, interaction and intimacy. Live online performance is carried out for the audience in the Art Hub. London is brought into Falmouth and vice versa. They are connected by streaming media and web applications. The structure enables the participants to follow different stations. Each station is a short game which challenges elements of group dynamics and technology.
How intimate will it go? The participants are being invited to deepen the connection by keeping this community active using web applications.

LAB4 is an exploration of communication between two places using streaming media and web applications. It is another step in a series of LABs that explore digital technology and audience interaction. It is part of a research on digital performance and the way it affects audience experience.

Yes.. not much time to digest everything from LAB3… and already have in mind the planning and the construction of LAB4. LAB4 will take a further step and investigate ways of communication between auiences using digital devices.

I’m still looking for a place to host the performance in London.

I’m on the streets walking and wondering in the search of the London host of LAB4….

stay tuned.

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