LAB4 – the conclusion

LAB4 was both in Falmouth and London. We were trying to play within this one space. There are still a lot of difficulties of connection,

During LAB4 I structured party games that most of us already know. However, the fact that we played in two spaced was realy significant.

We started from names round – because this was an interaction between strangers.

We continued to competition between the two cities. The winner was the group who finished the task first. The tasks were simple such as: be in line according to alphabetical order of your names. It was ammusing indeed…

photographer: Andreia Poças

From questioning two separate groups we changed into an interaction of the two. I was trying to help the participants play as if it is one space. Each space was semi-circle. Therefore together the two places combined one circle. Each space has used papers with the names of the participants. The papers were layed in the same order in the space as if the people in the other city were present.

Photographer: Andreia PoçasAfter establishing this understanding we could begin. We first have started with a simple task. A participant says a number for example 3. The third person (or any other place according to the number) who sits clockwise to the person who said the number needs to say the next number. Both cities participated in that becaue the whole circle was the two cities together.

Afterwards another element was inserted. A person who said negetive person changed the direction of the count – so if using the same example minus three would be the third person towards the right.

The next step was – Truth or Dare. But instead of using a bottle, we used numbers similar to the previous game. The person who was asked truth or dare had to say the two numbers (negative and positive) that determine who will be the next couple who play. It was interesting cause sometimes it was the questions were between the two cities and sometimes it was within one space.

The time was short for playing Truth or Dare, and it has started to be late. That was the end of LAB4.

Thanks to:

Kimbal Bamstead- Who introduced me to Rachel and who traveled with me to Falmouth.


Crystal Brown – for facilitating and organising the food, the entertainment…

Miranda Sharpnell – for being there and the pictures

HTTP – Allesandra, Alle, Ruth, Marc

Annie Abrhams (thanks to her we were at HTTP)

Andor (Psyship)


Rachel Entwistle – Well, she has invited LAB4 to Falmouth… major help and support!!

Chiaran Clarke- the tech support at the Poly

Andreia Pocas- for the photos

Dani Pereira- for the video

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