Journey of Experiences

Journey of Experiences

The audience is lead through different acts : each one establishes a different participants/performance relationship. Juxtaposing them allows the participant to observe different relationships’ elements.

The last station stimulates a discussion with regards to the effects of digital media on live performance and the partakers’ experiences.

The elements and characteristics within the stations are taken from research undertaken on the participants/performance relationships. This research started by exploring practitioners and theorists such as – Peter Brook, Jerzy Grotowski, Antonin Artaud, Richard Schechner and Susan Bennett – and grew into the effect of digital devices on these relationships. The question: ‘Does technology create a new kind of audience experience or is it another tool in performance making?’ is being pursued by participating in various digital performances and creating lab performances, after having taken Blast Theory as a case study.

This perforamnce-Lecture took plance at DRHA2010 in Brunel University.

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