Reflecting on Reflection

Making Reflection at Shunt was very challenging for me. I had a barrier between me and the audience – a glass floor. It was hard for me to know how they reacted. I’m usually inspired by the audience actions. For once, it was only me. The materials created a visual for the audience. It was very hard for me to reach them.

I had a mirror, a glass and water that mediate between me and the audience. These materials create images for the audience to communicate with. The materials also gave me, the performer, the option to communicate with the audience in a unique way. Its only physical, only movement – visual.

It was amazing to hear the good feedbacks from people and the way it can be developed further.  I definitely would like to continue this exploration.

Documenting this performance is not easy. I had 2 cameras filming. One is on my floor, and the second from the audience point of view. Till I’ll manage to digitize the audience point of view camera, I upload pictures from the camera that was on my level. Most of the audience didn’t see the performance from this point of view.

The final image created from water, soup and colour


Hedva, water and colour

Caption from first floor through the glass onto the mirror on the floor of the ground floor

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