Be@Home- the tea party

two rows of sitting area and boxes in betweenFollowing the LABs and a previous research about site, Sara Gianfrate and I created this first episode The Tea Party. Filing a room with cardboard boxes served an exploration of changing the space. It created a temporary status. We placed a row of boxes between two sitting areas. Each box contained an object that makes online participants and me feel like home. The ideas that came from the online users were transformed and displayed using my personal belonging. For example a bag and shoes.

My bed

Visitors were invited to sit, relax and explore with us a sense of home.

Sara, the computer, Hedva and the sitting areaSara was in the kitchen. She was a mediator for the online users. She was connected to the project in the facebook page and updating the event. She updated statuses and took live pictures. During the performance, the communication between and Sara was very minimal. And it felt as if it was two separate worlds.

Discussing about it afterwords emphasized – the screen, a computer and the way is focused on it can create a boundary. In addition the fact that she was in the kitchen – a separate room, created another wall. We had two worlds in parallel.

Sara’s updates have developed from “dry” description of the event to her engagement with  it. Which was minimal considering the live people  that came into the space, however was crucial and highly important to the participants online.

Here we bring the question again of – how should the mediator be engaged and take part in both worlds?

One realization is – the online update/performance doesn’t have to be every second. The mediator can be “in and out” of the online world. At the moment I think I’m going to focus on one mediator rather then a few. Now we need to answer the question – how should the mediator engage and combine the two worlds?

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