In Your Place – a new project

In Your Place is a research project and live performance that creates dialogue about digital communication, domestic privacy and citizenship. In the context of EU membership and mobility, we aim to use the digital communication software ‘Skype’ as performative tool to create an international network of intimate interactions.

The EU is an imagined space that is not limited to geographical landmass, which encapsulates some and excludes others who do not conform to its regulations. Using Skype and the domestic space (living rooms) as an interactive and familiar technology we aim to create an agreed space in participants connect and cross borders, from and within their own places and spaces. This creates an incongruous situation where one can be both inside and outside of a space at the same time.

We aim to use a one to one performance installation setting between a EU citizen and a non-EU citizen to engineer a dialogue that reflects on the absurdity of belonging to a non-physical space through citizenship.

We are looking for non-EU citizens to participate in this project who will be available to be contacted by Skype during the performance by a participating audience member. This includes

–               People who live within the Geographical boundaries of the Europe but not part of the EU, those countries that have opted out and those who are seeking membership ie Norway, Switzerland, Iceland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Serbia, Macedonia, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Turkey, Andorra, Kaliningrad, Western Russia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Liechtenstein, Monaco, San Merino, and Ukraine

–               Citizens of non-EU countries who live in an EU country for work or study reasons on a temporary visa

–               EU citizens who live outside of the geographical regions of the European continent (Azores, Madeira, Canaries, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Reunion, Guyana)


During the performance, audience members are asked to prove their EU status by showing their passport, then they will have 5 minutes in a room with a laptop to make a call to a list of people they do not know. The names will be disguised but they will know that none hold EU citizenship. When the call is answered, both audience member and participant enter into a relationship where they see a face and also a place, in this case the focus is on that person’s living room, their private and intimate space. The content of those 5 minutes is undirected and depends entirely on the connection between the 2 participants. It may be a conversation, observation, nervous laughter, or anything else.

The aim to build this as an installation in which 5 people can participate at the same time, with 5 separate user accounts with the same list of contacts.

We hope for this project to take place at various times during 2010 at different festivals and exhibitions and thus need as many participants as possible.

If you have never used Skype, this is not a problem, we can explain how to use it.

The only criteria is that you must have access to the internet at home, have a webcam, and be willing and available to be contacted during the time span of the performance (this will vary but we will have shifts available).

The location for Skyping must be in your own home and the camera must show not only your face but also your living space behind you.

Unfortunately we cannot offer any financial inscentive but we believe that this will be a worthwhile and interesting project that deals will some fundamental issues relating to space and place.

We are aiming to do a test run of this performance on the 30th January,

If you are interested in participating please contact

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