Reflecting on Reflection 2

This time it was totally different.

It was amazingly spiritual and emotional for me. In a certain point I was almost in a trans, corresponding to the music that in my floor was played extremely loud, the water, the color and my difficulty (again) to establish a communication channel that I can recognize between me and the spectators. I was in my own w

orld struggling with the window that I have framed to myself.

I was struggling with drawing some sort of a story line, however I was playing with few themes –

birth, communication and the usage of water as oppose to color (red) and how they correspond to one another as the shadow that is being created and the reflection through the mirror that is on the bottom floor.

I have yet to digitize the pictures from the performance but I have added pictures from the rehearsal.

I have hard

ly been talking to people about how it was for them. Few told me that they liked it. I need more tools in order to have an understanding of what I gain for my research and my exploration of the participants/performance relationship.

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