Be@Home – The process…

I came to Brixton Village Market now few times. The vibrant and relaxed atmosphere is great. This market is becoming more alive, and there are different kind of restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries, vegetables.. all sorts of things that fits the Brixton mixed community.

Be@Home is an exploration of home. What is it? how specific is it? how different is it?

This time it seems to pursue a journalistic or perhaps an anthropological exploration rather then creating a dramatic or performative story that I would like to share. I think it became a little bit of an installation, a little bit of a performance and a little bit of journalistic search.

On the one hand I have mixed feelings about this development. The focus here is the people: the people in the market and the people online. Similar to the people moving in the street people  online are “moving”/surfing  from one site to another. Will I be able to “hook” them for a few moments and create an interaction with the people in the cafe or/and in the market?

Hopefully there will be another computer logged on from Tooting Broadway Market. Will people there interact with the people in Brixton? Will people would be interested and engaged that they will use their smart phone to connect and participate in the performance?

How interesting this act in the shop can be interesting considering it is live and sometimes it is hard to focus the camera, the light… and if I move the camera away of the screen, I can’t control well enough what I project. Can this be interesting?

Does it brings a similar approach to the Big Brother? a documentary? or perhaps because it is live, and allows the audience to have fairly easy access to respond and take part it brings a slightly different experience and engagement.

I have lots of questions … and time and making it happen will show us the results.

30 April – BE@HOME  is at The Brick Box in Village Market, facebook and livebroadcast

1 May – BE@HOME is at The Brick box in Tooting Broadway Market, facebook, and livebroadcast

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