A week has past….

I don’t know exactly what to write to be honest.

I think it was generally good. I had interesting interactions and meeting with people.

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Approaching people in a pijama was very funny and people not necessarily were opened to that. The fact that it was in the middle of a market and there wasn’t any frame work of a festival frightened people. Some thought I’m crazy and even didn’t talk to me or just moved on when I said “Hi I’m doing an art project”. Its amazing how much the framework is important. When something is not “in its place” – people are suspicious.

It was great to see that the people who have listened to me and chose to come and engage with this project, found it very interesting, light and fun. From a suspicious/curious faces they became comfortable and light. Generally it received a positive feedback.

All was recorded online. I put my self on the frame when People didn’t want to be recorded on the camera. I have posted facebook statuses after every interaction.

Log in here to find look at the recordings. You are also welcome to log on to the facebook page in order to participate and contribute the live installation.

The thing that I struggle is with bringing awareness that people can participate online. It is not live enough online, there aren’t enough people who follow and comment on the things that are going on. And for me this is the main point and the thing that is mostly interested. People still think that you have to be physically present at “xxx” in order to participate and take part and it has to be certain times and hours. BUT what I try to do is “extend the space” extend the options of participation and engagement. It DOESN’T have to be a short amount of time. It can be longer. It also can continue and build up. I thought that facebook is an interesting place because you can post pictures, links and it can bring in a dialogue and something that is continuous regardless to the performance time. But it has to be maintained and people need this constant activity to keep it live.

Well, I’m not sure when will be the next Be@Home or where.. but this project will continue.

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