Future Plans

I have not updated the blog for a while. That because I am planing the next steps.  So here is a bit of my list…

  • Still working on Be@Home. But looking to develop it into a live installation performance. Sara and I will also perform as part of the installation.
  • I am working on a long-term project regarding Telematic Performances. The project will produce few short performances (work in progress works). The final production will utilize techniques, methods and technologies discovered during the short performances. I aim the final production to be an ongoing installation of 2-3 days or 1-1.5 hours performance [Please contact me to get involved]
  • Follow up workshops – As follow-up to the workshop “Moving in Extended Spaces” I’m looking to create more workshops that will follow the findings and develop methods of devising Telematic Performances.
  • TaPRA 2011 is on its way. I’m presenting a provocation called “The Domination of the Sight”. The provocation is based on the workshop “Moving in Extended Spaces”.
  • Producing Israel-UK performance conference in 2012 – the aim is to create cultural exchange and promote new ways of international performance making using technologies that connect remote spaces and communities. [Please contact me for more info]
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