steer definition

  1. to guide the course of (something in motion) by a rudder, helm, wheel, etc.: to steer a bicycle.
  2. to follow or pursue (a particular course).
  3. to direct the course of; guide: I can steer you to the best restaurant in town.

Steer workshop breaks with the conventions of the relationship between audience and performer and brings forward the importance of scenography as a whole, in particular how an artist encourages a specific audience experience.

Steer is developed from looking at different genres of performance, different methods of devising and creating performances. Inspired by Shcechner and his way to look at the difference between performance and ritual, I created tools and method that help steering the devising process. The artist, director, devisoer can encourage and direct the audience experience. I take a step back in order to have an over view and be able to look at the wider picture – the whole scenorgraphy of a performance. From that point of view, The artist may have an intention or a direction which steers the devising process. This intention is the foundation of Steer and its base assumption.

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