After the first introduction workshops

Steer WorkshopFrankly I will say that the workshops were very successful. Just to link it to this blog a bit more I will explain that this stage of workshops is only the first part. It is essential to establish the understanding of the audience experience in performance where we use environment that the audience is a bit more familiar, and then it will be possible to introduce how digital media affect this. So speaking of digital performances, this is the foundation of researching the affect digital media has on audience experience.

Personally I felt that the workshop is  clear and it is beneficial. The feedback and the good response from the participants was very positive. It encouraged me to continue and spread the word.

I’m a person who tries to improve and see how things can be better for next time. My aim is to be MORE successful and to reach more PEOPLE. So I would like to use this post in order to reflect, think and maybe even get your feedback on how things can be better. So I’ll spread before you what I want to have more and what is the main issue that I’m dealing with now in order to achieve it.

I would like to be more clear in what this workshop do and to find an EFFECTIVE way of advertising it. These days, marketing is 95% of the reasons of making something (what ever it is) successful. I believe that Steer method applies to most artists, but yet it seems to reach specifically to people who are dealing with interactive theatre and are interested specifically the discourse of audience/performance relationship. I want to open it more and show how it is relevant and beneficial to more disciplines in performance making (even including video and perhaps maybe fine art, but just maybe).

Steer WorkshopI’m looking to coin :

  1. Steer – It is a name of a technique and set of tools. Similar technique is Laban (with its efforts) it gives tools to look at movement of people. It defines efforts, but as a choreographer you choose how it helps you.
  2. An Artist Intention –  This is the main point of Steer, its essence and foundation. It practices how it affects the whole process of making an event. It is a White Cane that gives the creator information with which one chooses how to go.
  3. Audience/Performance Relationship – Steer defines 4 kinds of audience experience and refers to patterns and all elements in performance. Steer brings back the point of view of Gordon Craig, Wilhelm Richard Wagner, Voseveld Meyrhold and others and emphasizes that all “ingredients” of performance are important and contributes to a particular intention and therefore encourages a specific experience for the audience.

So, what words do I use to get to all performance makers – designers, performers, directors, dramaturges, live artists ?

Steer Wrokshops

What simple words can I use to establish a technique?

The 4 kinds of audience experience that Steer defines is based on patterns that exist in performances.  The definition of the expeirences are according to what was felt by audience had portrayed this relationship or the other.

At the moment the blurb of the workshop is:

Steer – An Artist Intention

Steer workshops looks at the audience/performance relationship and breaks with the convention of audience/performer relationship. It brings out the importance of the scenography and emphasizes the advantage of collaboration and clear communication with the audience.

Steer workshop gives practical tools for having better understanding of how we as creators affect the audience experience.
It defines 4 kinds of audience experience and shows how the performative elements direct a particular dynamic with the audience. In the workshop we create acts, discuss them and make them again in a different light by challenge one of the elements.

This blurb is too specific, and the general public cannot understand what it is. Therefore, why would they invest of their time. I’m looking to make it more simple, accessible and attractive. It should be inspiring and exciting.

You are welcome to join the effort. please contact me.

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