Resistance, mutiny, power relations – what is the new project


Looking into power relations.
I understand that authority usually uses its power when it believes something that contradicts its values acts out.

Looking at different power relations and ones that may be more contraversial are countries (police/army), mental institutes. I think that these are the more obvious.
The reason of looking at the above authority is pdoblematic because the patients or citicens dont necessrily support their authority, but on the other hand ther are external powers that give them the legitimancy to use diferent kind of force and violence against its subordinates. In both cases they can use the argument that it is for tbe individual favor and the favor of tbe public.
I wonder if in the case of mental institutes or prisons there may be a larger concensus on the use of such kind of force.

Us, general public, people get the information on the benefits of each. Mainly from the authorities and the press or media. In the case of ,countries its possible to find an organisatios that will promote counter agenda. And the subjective opinion of people which we may find in blogs or other social media give, i would question its reach out.
When there is a news article, how many of you check its validity and objectivity? How can u be sure that there might be informion that is missing? How much time are you wiling to invest in such checks, as it can be endless research and not necessarily within reach? What are the values that according to them you find an action as legitimate (i would put under this action forced mental treatment, prisoning a person, terror attack, army operation)?

What do you do on a daily basis? When does force / authority have legitimacy?
How does this legitimacy afect the way information and agenda are being delivered by authorities or public and he way it is being recieved by the general public?

Just to give it the link for performance: my next project looks into these relations. Where and how does the media play this relations ?

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