About The LABs

The Digital Performance LAB is a developing devising technique for performances that use technology. We use performances and workshops to learn and to develop devising technique. It is both experiment and a learning process of pervasive technology (digital media). During the different projects we explore the question of the audience and their engagement with the performance, the site and the technology.

We use different methods or performances depending on the theme and the question we investigate. The exploration is usually devised as an ensemble where each member helps to structure the outcome and to the learning process.

Digital Performance LAB was founded in 2010 by Hedva Eltanani in order to pursue the question of using digital technology in live performance and the effect it creates on audience experience.

Flag points:

S.O.S – Start Operation Systems

Face the Facts and Steer

Moving in Extended Spaces


About Hedva Eltanani

Hedva Eltanani is an interdisciplinary performance artist. She combines online interfaces as part of an interactive performances. Eltanani focuses on the way artists deliver audience experience and ways to connect people via online applications. Her research looks at the “here and now” regardless of location considering only shared time frame. Eltanani believes that there is a critical importance to the way an artist delivers an experience and it is important to understand how the collaboration among the different disciplines is important in theatre and performance in general. Eltanani created and participated in interactive performance in water-wheel in the past 3 years.

Watch the online broadcasts :http://www.justin.tv/hedvaejoy/videos



DISCLAIMER: English is not my mother tongue, and like a lot of other ARTISTS I also have few learning disabilities. This is yet to be a book or an academic published article, so please bear with me. If you like what I wrote and have found grammar and spelling mistakes, you are more than welcome to send me an e-mail with the corrections.


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